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Arguably the development and servicing of web applications should be entrusted to the experts.

We understand what matters to our customers and users, and we put all our expertise into constantly improving our web-applications.

„We have decided to always be a part of the solution for our customers and never just another problem. We make this attitude a reality in our day-to-day collaboration.“
Heiko Schapitz, Head of Development & Founder

One-stop shopping with Pixelnauten

Pixelnauten’s area of expertise is the development and servicing of web-applications. Today, we are able to provide the complete customer experience - from programming and the design of processes to customer service and the processing of payment transactions. As a result of this, we enable our customers to focus on their own core business.

We convince with our best-in-class products

The users of our web-applications are people of the digital age. This means that for them, real life and online life have long been one and the same. They use the capabilities of the internet anytime and anywhere and they expect usability that intuitively meets their expectations and needs.

Always in line with customer requirements, we create a convincing offer for the user in every respect to our products and services. As most of them use mobile devices, we programme and design our applications with the motto "mobile first" at the forefront.

Our successful customers benefit from our experience and expertise.

We support our customers as a full-service as well as an API provider. What success-oriented business partners, especially in the dating industry particularly appreciate about us is our unreserved commitment to the development and implementation of products, speed, low error rate, transparency, and cost efficiency.

Unsere Services

Development & Programming

The programming of dating platforms is one of our main focuses of our work. We work closely with clients from the beginning to offer customised products with best-in-class back- and frontend.

Product Management

Our aim is to always offer customers and users first-class products and services. Based on market developments, customer wishes, user feedback and user behaviour, we are constantly improving our products and services. This works best with ongoing dialogue with the Product Management of our customers.

IT & Dev Ops

In comparison to Programming and Product Management, this regards IT infrastructure and processes. We set these up in such a way that they permanently support meaningful improvements in relation to the customer's targets and promote the rapid growth of our partners in a reliable, scalable, and efficient way. This is how we always ensure availability and quality in the interests of our customers.

Customer Services

This is about helping users of our customers while they are using the web-applications. As a result of this, we enable our customers to establish a valuable relationship of trust and loyalty with their users.

Business Intelligence

With up-to-date BI solutions, we ensure that our customers can carry out meaningful reporting and systematic quantitative analyses of all their web applications. As a result, we provide relevant, comprehensive, and meaningful data to permanently improve business processes.


In order to optimally accompany the users of our customers from registration to the target of their search, we have developed mechanisms and communication tools with which our customers can stay in contact with their users and repeatedly give them stimuli. In this way, CRM becomes an important driver to customer success.

Admin Services

This area includes all services that ensure the smooth operation of web-applicationsa dating platform. This includes the management of third parties such as web server providers or payment service providers, but also the organisation and coordination of classic office processes. In this respect, we help our clients to concentrate on their area of expertise.

Financial Processing & Accounting

Experienced accountants, controllers and analysts support our clients in all financial processes, reporting and communication with payment service providers, banks, tax advisors and accountants, as well as with tax authorities or other stakeholders.

„Anyone who wants to develop successful web-applications must understand the technology and the processes. Moreover, it is also very important to know what works in the market and how the needs of the most diverse target groups can be satisfied.“
Timon Oldemeier, Head of IT Architecture & Founder

Can it be called work?
Careers at Pixelnauten

Digitalisation has brought with it many opportunities and challenges. But hardly anything has changed as much as the way we work together. Pixelnauten recognised early on that agile processes, cooperation instead of top-down management, individual freedom, self-efficacy, and fun at work can be key to success for a company.

In concrete terms, this means that every employee should be able to work in the way that is best for them. That is why we have flexible working hours, home office arrangements, the greatest possible personal freedom, and optimal technical conditions.

However, our responsibility as an employer is not limited to aspects directly related to our business. We want to give people a home - a place where they feel comfortable, with colleagues who can also be friends.

Luca De Marco, Deputy Head of Customer Care, second best Eros Ramazzotti ever
„I came to Germany from Italy in 2015. But I only really arrived when I started working for Pixelnauten. As a thank you, my colleagues now have to put up with me at parties as the new Eros Ramazzotti.“
Luca De Marco, Deputy Head of Customer Care, second best Eros Ramazzotti ever
Marketa Fialova, Customer Care Agent and gifted linguist
„From my home in the Czech Republic, I ended up in Düsseldorf via Austria at Pixelnauten. Why do I feel so comfortable here? It's the exciting work and the environment with the greatest possible flexibility.“
Marketa Fialova, Customer Care Agent and gifted linguist
Stephanie Coals, Head of Customer Care and whizz-kid
„I started in 2019 as a regular member of the Customer Care team. From the beginning, the company has given me opportunities to develop. And now I'm leading the team.“
Stephanie Coals, Head of Customer Care and whizz-kid
Jörg Lieske, Head of Customer Finance and long-term team member
„In 2019, we spent four days in Hvar, Croatia with the whole company. In addition to meetings and presentations, there was also plenty of social time. This has brought us together as a team. You can also work well with people who are really good at partying.“
Jörg Lieske, Head of Customer Finance and long-term team member
Jami Rojas Cordoba, Customer Care Agent and Digital Nomad
„I have enjoyed working for Pixelnauten from the very beginning. And when I needed time to travel to my home in Colombia and to see family, that was no problem. I packed up my laptop and off I went. Just being able to do that is a real dream.“
Jami Rojas Cordoba, Customer Care Agent and Digital Nomad

What awaits you at Pixelnauten

  • Flexible working hours and home office arrangements
  • Support, for example, with relocation or childcare
  • Individual career planning
  • Targeted training with certification
  • Fully cloud-based working - you get online access to everything you need
  • Modern mobility in the city - bike leasing supported by us makes it possible

The next stop in your career:

Whether you want to join us as a Front-End Developer, Dev Ops, Customer Care Agent for Scandinavia or as a Jack of all Trades - you can find our current job offers here

Patrizia Mangiameli, Human Resources

Patrizia Mangiameli

Human Resources

„You want to know what we can do for you and what you can do for us with your skills. You've come to the right place. I'll be happy to explain who we're looking for and what we expect from you if you want to join us. And of course, I'll answer all other questions.“

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„We do not see ourselves as service provider, but rather as a partner of our customers. This means, we do everything on our end to ensure their business success. We now support our customers in 28 countries - from user enquiries in Denmark to VAT filings in New Zealand. This makes the team so diverse and the tasks extremely varied.“
Thomas Schirmer, Managing Director


Founding of Pixelnauten

When the starter pistol was fired for Pixelnauten in June 2015, Timon Oldemeier and Heiko Schapitz had no idea how quickly the start-up would become successful and grow profitable.



Today we are a team of 30 employees. And the number is increasing with each passing year. We are particularly proud of our low staff turnover.


Web-application products

Since our launch, we have developed 4 very different web-application products that include all of the processes expected on modern. As customer inquiries do not stop, we are confident that more will come soon.



The web-applications are international and so are our clients. That's why we now offer our support in 20 languages.


Kilo of Haribo per month

Comfort food, fresh fruit and refreshments. Anything our employees need to feel taken care of - we provide it free of charge.


cups of coffee a year

And nothing but the best! In the afterlife, we might be a competitor for Starbucks.


legendary reputation for party

If you work hard, you should also play hard. We're good at both. Maybe it's because many of our employees have become real friends.

Our values

With less blah-blah
to better results.

Openness and tolerance

  • We are committed to modern day ethics
  • We are flexible in terms of processes and procedures
  • We see our job as part of an everyday digital culture.


  • We are competent in all fields of the industry
  • We do not push ourselves to the fore
  • We see ourselves as collaborative partners of our clients
  • We want to be successful and enable success


  • We are clear in our communication
  • We reliably fulfil and exceed what is expected of us

We think ahead.
On all levels of programming and servicing of web-applications.

Get to know us and let's talk about your project.

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